Details for 1100+ Caves on Lefka Ori Crete

1100+ Caves on Lefka Ori Crete
Name:1100+ Caves on Lefka Ori Crete

Crete, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean sea has been subject to numerous speleological, archaeological and geological expeditions over the years. Nearly 50% of the  island is covered by limestones in the form of high rocky mountains.  Lefka Ori massif is located to the west side, in Hania district and it is the second highest on Crete (Pahnes, 2454m) and the largest by surface. Thanks to excellent cooperation developed between  local and international teams (the contributors), 1119 cave entrance coordinates have been recorded and consolidated in one single database. The effort lasted 9 years so far and the author apart from taking part in many of the above field trips, has been also the person collecting and consolidating the datasets from the teams involved. If we take into account the known work of other teams that concern datasets which are due to be shared with the author, the number of validated cave entrances in the massif are (today) more than 1400. The geocoded information provides new perspectives and opportunities in better understanding and exploiting speleological GIS datasets of the Lefka Ori massif. The subject of this paper is mainly presenting this dataset, the contributors and the effort and method used and makes a first attempt in exploiting this dataset. Announcing the outcome of this project to the global speleological community is also interesting as a benchmark and to share best (or worst) practices with other similar works carried out around the world.


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