Details for 2012 SELAS expedition report - Sternes 2012

2012 SELAS expedition report - Sternes 2012
Name:2012 SELAS expedition report - Sternes 2012

This is the report for the speleological expedition organised by SELAS club of Athens in Lefka Ori massif in Crete (Chania) The expedition lasted 12 days, between 24/07/2012 and 4-8-2012. During that time expedition members identified 12 new caves out of which 7 were explored. In addition 2 more caves were explored this year (1 found in 2009 and the other found in 2010). In total 10 caves were surveyed (excluding Sternes), mainly potholes, generally small caves the deepest being -40m deep. In addition to these explorations Sternes cave (-428m) was rigged and for 4th year in a row, an effort was made to push forward the narrow passage to the bottom. Unfortunately, the exploration proceeded only 0.7 m due to time and some technical problems. In this year for first time the members installed a bivouac inside Sternes. No changes reported in the survey of Sternes (GSO21) By the manpower point of view, the expedition was on average consisted by of 10 people (for about 10 days) In total of 20 different persons appeared from 2 clubs (SELAS and EOS Hanion). The base camp (at 2000m altitude) suffered by very strong winds, more powerful than any other year (compared to 4 expeditions in the same camp). The cave was de-rigged by members of THISEAS club of Athens, SPOK and EOS Hanion (15 Sep. 2012).

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