Details for The deepest and longest caves in Greece (English)

The deepest and longest caves in Greece (English)
Name:The deepest and longest caves in Greece (English)
Description: This article is a statistical analysis on the number ofdeep and long caves using several indicators likenumber of deep caves, number of deep caves per50000 sq Km, number of deep caves per millioninhabitants, number of long caves, number of longcaves per million inhabitants and number of long cavesper 50000 sq Km. Caves deeper or equal to the depthof -400m are considered as deep while caves longer orequal to 6000m are considered as long. Greece is thefocus but the analysis was made against the rest of theworld using Eric Mandelane ' s, World Cave Database ( as a source.Population data is sourced from U.S. Census Bureau,Population Division. Land surface information percountry has been collected through internet resources.As a general conclusion caves found in Europe and Asiaare deeper than the caves in all other continents. Cavesin America are longer than those in the rest of theWorld. The top country according to most of theindicators is Slovenia. Greece is ranked between 8 thand 11 th place worldwide or within Europe on theindicators concerning deep caves.
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